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Pharmaceutical exports market in India has achieved a growth of over 10% in last some of the years. Pharmaceutical formulations are available in various dosage forms but the most consumption and palatability is achieved in tablet form.

Tablets exporters in India like Switzer Lifescience Pvt. Ltd. Offer tablets in various forms like: Chewable tablet, Effervescent tablet, Lozenge tablet, Soluble tablet, Sublingual tablet, Enteric coated tablet, Film coated tablet, Implant tablet, Sugar coated tablet, Modified release tablet, Extended release tablet, Controlled release tablet, etc. are the various types of tablets that are used as per the requirement of the dosage delivery system of different pharmaceutical molecules.

Switzer Lifescience has a large pharmaceutical tablets’ manufacturing facility with WHO GMP certifications. We export best quality tablets to over 15 countries spread the world over.

Tablets are a solid dosage form in which powder, crystalline or granular form of drug is compressed in a disk or molded. It is the most frequently used means of administering a drug. Most of the tablet is administered orally. However, the tablets for application as implant, solution, vaginal use, and external use are also available.

Tablets may be coated or uncoated. Uncoated tablets are chewable tablet, lozenge tablet, effervescent tablet, soluble tablet, and sublingual tablet. Coated tablets are film coated tablet, implant, sugar coated tablet, enteric coated tablet, and modified-release tablet. The reasons for coating a tablet are :
a) to protection of the active ingredients from air, moisture, light,
b) to mask the unpleasant tastes and odor; and
c) to improve appearance.

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